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Army-judiciary confrontation rumours denied
Waqar Ahmed

Authoritative sources, including senior officials, here in the federal capital have strongly denied reports suggesting that there is an army-judiciary confrontation.

“There is absolutely no confrontation between the judiciary and the army and all reports in this regard are mere speculations, utterly false and have no basis,” the sources categorically stated.

The sources said that the statement of the chief justice was made earlier than the press release issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). “It was unfortunate that the statements of the honourable chief justice and the army chief were taken up together, thereby creating an impression that was wrong.” The sources also pointed it out that the two statements were written much beforehand and there was nothing spontaneous about it. “Therefore, the impression that the chief justice made a statement in reply to the press release carrying the army chief’s comments was wide of the mark.” The sources added that tensions should not be stoked between the two institutions.