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Israel’s child victims
A Javed

The Israeli state’s forces continue to commit brutalities upon Palestinians, and the Central Ahrar for the Rights of Prisoners, in its latest report, has disclosed that the Israelis have killed 1500 Palestinian children in the last decade, and imprisoned 1100 children in the last three years.

Those horrific figures should convince the backers of the Zionist entity that its occupation is based on the bones of dead Palestinians and the sighs of imprisoned ones. That the other Arab states have paid no attention to the Palestinians in this time is thrown into sharp relief. It should also be clear from so many Palestinians children imprisoned or killed, that the occupation is not something the Palestinians are going to accept even after the generation that experienced An-Nakba of 1948 has passed away. Those Palestinian children who were killed or jailed were all born under Israeli occupation. It should be only too clear to the Israelis that love of liberty is not something acquired by habit, but is intrinsic to being human.
Just as a new generation of Palestinians has arisen, similarly, there is a new generation of Kashmiris. They too have not accepted the Indian occupation of their land, which has lasted roughly as long as that of Palestine. Even though India and Israel have long joined hands, neither has been able to win acceptance for its illegal occupation from the occupied people, even though they have been able to beat down any opposition in the capitals of the world. Both continue to be backed by the USA, among others, in their occupation of Muslim lands.
While Israel trades on European and American guilt over the Holocaust, India trades on its supposed status as the next global power, and as the world’s biggest democracy and its supposed charms as a huge market. The secret of both has been to be regional American stooges, Israel in the oil-rich Middle East and India in South Asia. However, the farce cannot last forever, and both will have to bow to the indomitable will of the people they occupy.