Gowadar Port and Foriegn Sponsored Insurgency
Posted on: 6/28/2009  9:03:37 PM

Gawadaer Port Project is an excellent example of Pak - China regional cooperation. The port is strategically dominating others regional ports and will probably be compromising the economic interests of neighbouring anti Pakistan countries. The operation of port on full scale will definitely boost the economy of Pakistan and particular Balochi people, which is not acceptable to exterior and interior anti Pakistan forces. The current insurgency indicates involvements of some foreign hands. Please deliberate the statements and answer following:-
a. Which foreign hands are involved in insurgency and unrest of Balochistan?
b. Why some Baloch leaders particularly Bugti, Mengle and Muree tribes are opposing development projects in Balochistan and working on foreign agenda?
c. Why US is opposing operation of Gawadr Port?