Role of media
Posted on: 6/28/2009  8:57:42 PM

The media is an important tool of building/ generating opinion. The current era of technology is converting the world into global village. Pakistan Media has also groomed well in last few years but some how lacking behind in displaying responsibility with regards to the national integrity, security and Pakistan interests. The current letter of Col ® Harish Puri (published in “The News” on 14 April 2009) and propagating of lashing of an innocent girl of Swat area are two news which have been negatively projected:-
a. Are you satisfied to the present role of media?
b. Should Government devise some rules to fix the limits of the media?
c. What’s the difference between, Pakistani, Indian and US/Western media?
d. What was the aim of publishing Col ® Harish Puri open letter to Gen Kayani? And who should be held responsible?
e. When so called intellectual like Pewaiz Hoodby and Saleem Shazad willl stop playing in RAW’s hands